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How To Avoid Harsh Conditions While Shooting


          Last Saturday, I spent about 2 hours photographing a beautiful family from West Palm Beach, Florida. Per their request we ended up doing a photo shoot in Mounts Botanical Garden, in West Palm, just before the noon. At first, I was a bit worried about the time of the shoot. I was also worried about visiting a location that I haven't visited before. Remember, more then few things could go wrong when you are not 100% prepared.

          To avoid the harsh sun, I brought a huge light reflector as well as 2 white umbrellas. Luckily, I have not used any of that due to a very helpful cloud shield, which was assisting me quite nicely. Whenever the sun would come out, I would take shots in the shade, when the clouds went over the sun, we would come out in the open. It worked perfectly, and some of the shots taken that day were simply breathtaking.  

          Look at this beautiful natural light on their daughter’s close up portrait.

          Shooting and posing could be quite challenging under the heavy attacks of Florida mosquitoes while fighting a very serious heat stroke opportunity. All in all though, this was quite a successful photo shoot and I am happy to have such supportive and understanding clients.

          One quick tip I would like to give you - BYOMR (bring your own mosquito repellent) and drink a lot of fluids if you are planning on shooting in Florida, during hot and sticky summer afternoon.

Good luck and keep those memories sharp!

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Background image by Nemanja Stanisic - Sharp Memories Studios.