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How To Pick Your Photo Shoot Location


          Few days ago I received a phone call from a potential client. This was a family of 5, mom, dad, and their 3 sons, ages 1, 4, and 13. Father, who I spoke with, was trying to find out about a location where we could do the photo shoot. Luckily, he made it easy for me. He suggested a location from some of my portfolio photos he has seen on my website. This is always a great relief, and every photographer will confirm this to you.

          There are multiple reasons why this simple factor made our photo shoot smooth, fun, and stress-less. One of the main reasons, from a photographer's point of view, is the fact that I knew this location very well. This is the place I visit very often with my family, so familiarity was guaranteed. When you are having a photo shoot at a location you are familiar with, not only you feel comfortable, you are also aware of all the other factors important in photography.

          Before we even started our session, I knew where I am going to take most of my shots. I was always aware of the time of the day and the light coming in. Shadows and light play a huge role in photography and being aware of them will give you a great advantage. Take a look at this photo and tell me it is not spot on.


          Not only I was happy with the level of sharpness in this shot, but I was extremely satisfied with its composition, light, and this great moment captured, which I have to thank to these three awesome boys. 

          So, if you are given the option to pick a location for your clients, by all means, pick something you are familiar with. Pick a place that you can picture in your mind when you close your eyes. Then picture it in there during different times of the day, and also, under different weather conditions. Imagine where you can take your best shots and work all the angles and poses. If you have this option, make sure you take advantage of it!

Good luck and keep those memories sharp!

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Background image by Nemanja Stanisic - Sharp Memories Studios.